• Custom Horsehair Keepsakes

    Custom Horsehair Keepsakes

    Keep your horse close to your heart forever.
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Welcome to Ride On Designs

Here at the Ride On Designs studio we take your own horse’s hair and transform it into gorgeous horsehair keepsakes. Our complete line of handmade jewelry is uniquely designed with high quality materials and made to last. We also have a full line of custom handmade whips to choose from including crops, hunt whip stocks and fly whisks.

We hope that you are as excited as we are to have a custom keepsake designed for you personally so that you can keep your horse close to your heart forever.

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Learn How to Harvest Your Horsehair

How Does It Work?

Ride On Designs creates handmade keepsakes using your own horse’s hair or by using our stock hair. Each keepsake is made with attention to detail using the highest quality materials. All our products are hand-crafted right in Virginia! Place your order necklaceonline, then put the horsehair into a Ziploc bag, label it with your name and mail it to the address below.  As soon as we receive your hair, we will send you an email.

Don’t have your own hair? Choose from our beautiful selection of horsehair and have a product specially made for you.

Learn how to harvest your horse hair here.


Once we receive your horsehair, we will get started on your custom keepsake immediately. Please include your name with your horsehair. You will receive an email confirmation every step of the way!

Mail Horsehair To:

Ride On Designs
7107 Suncrest Drive
Lynchburg, VA 24502