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Nick and Sabrina Microutsicos are the owners and creators of Ride On Designs, formerly known as Virginia Whip Works. As a husband and wife team they make a great pair. Nick creates all of the riding accessories by hand and Sabrina designs and hand-crafts the jewelry. He created the first riding accessories when he was just eleven years old. He always loved working with his hands and so he began carving wood into simple creations. His mother, who is an avid horseback rider, gave him the idea to make a fly whisk with a pocket knife, duct tape and some string. Since then, his designs have come a long way. He eventually came up with the idea to use a traditional shaving horse and draw knife to aid him in the process. After so many years of testing new designs and concepts, Nick has refined his works to be the most durable products on the market.

Sabrina saw all of the hair that he was just throwing away and decided she wanted to use it in a creative way. She designed a few bracelets and the entire jewelry line took off from there! She loves creating special keepsakes that people cherish forever and her original designs are still being used in the Ride On Designs studio.

Ride On Designs is committed to using locally sourced, organic materials and supporting local craftsmen whenever possible. We also minimize our waste by re-purposing any extra materials that we have. This is how we make all of our beautiful stock horsehair bracelets! As you can see, we pride ourselves on producing unique, local and custom made products that you won't find anywhere else.