How to Make a Horse Bucket List

Creating a bucket list is always a good time. The thrill and freedom that comes along with thinking of all the amazing things to experience in the world and then writing it all down is such an uplifter. You may not always get to do saddle 419745 640everything on the list, but it is the simple fact you made a list with attainable goals which matters. A bucket list is a way to jot down experiences you would like to do.

A horse bucket list is pretty much the same thing but with your horse. Many people make their list with unrealistic expectations and know the items will never be checked off. That only makes a person feel worse about themselves. The idea is to write down options you have always wanted to do but with a sense of reality. Do not set the bar too high or too low. I will give you tips on how to start your list and give you some ideas that can be great for your horse bucket list.

Fun Things To Do With Your Horse In The Summer

There are many fun things you can do in the summer with your horse. A wide variety of activities are available in most parts of the world for those who are equestrian lovers. Regardless of what time of year it is, even though we are horse 1461220 640discussing summer activities at present, or where you live in the world, there is usually some event or fun ride being held.

There are great equestrian clubs out there; that could a wonderful option and definitely something to look into. If you are a new horse owner it does not matter. You will be welcomed at all of the different events, shows, fun rides, and camping events. To make it easier, I will give you a little more detail about the options for fun things to do with your horse this summer now.

Coping With The Loss Of Your Horse

white horse 1136093 640Dealing with the loss of any part of your family is extremely tough. Though we know death is an eminent part of life, it is never easy to cope with. This is no different even when the loss being dealt with is your horse. A horse is a part of your family. There is no denying that. 20 to 30 years of your life is dedicated to caring for a special animal and the emotional connection is one of pure joy and love. Owning a horse takes dedication and a great deal of time in most cases. So, it is only natural that a close relationship is formed.

Since dealing with the loss of your horse is a tragic time, we should discuss ways to cope with the loss. Can you remember the first time you laid eyes on that beautiful animal? I am sure, like pretty much everyone else, you not only remember the horse you looked at for the first time, but everything about that day as well. The moments experienced during that day are assuredly etched into your memory. That is expected. It is/was a special day that only happens the one time you meet for the first time. If the first day is remembered, the last will be as well. The difference is the emotion felt.