white horse 1136093 640Dealing with the loss of any part of your family is extremely tough. Though we know death is an eminent part of life, it is never easy to cope with. This is no different even when the loss being dealt with is your horse. A horse is a part of your family. There is no denying that. 20 to 30 years of your life is dedicated to caring for a special animal and the emotional connection is one of pure joy and love. Owning a horse takes dedication and a great deal of time in most cases. So, it is only natural that a close relationship is formed.

Since dealing with the loss of your horse is a tragic time, we should discuss ways to cope with the loss. Can you remember the first time you laid eyes on that beautiful animal? I am sure, like pretty much everyone else, you not only remember the horse you looked at for the first time, but everything about that day as well. The moments experienced during that day are assuredly etched into your memory. That is expected. It is/was a special day that only happens the one time you meet for the first time. If the first day is remembered, the last will be as well. The difference is the emotion felt.

If there were ways to cope with the loss of your horse, the day of and those after would be a little easier to live through. Help of any kind is always a good thing, so let’s go over some emotional tips that might aid you through such a difficult time:

● Be prepared for the fateful day:
It is a wonderful idea to make arrangements for the death of your horse as early on in its life as possible. This will allow you time to mourn and remember the good times you had, as opposed to stressing over burial or cremation plans and how it will all get accomplished. Remember, always be prepared and plan ahead.

● Have friends and family around:
The first few days are the roughest after any loss. So, make plans for someone who can console you to be around. This is a bit harder to plan ahead of time. However, if you have an action plan and a few different people who volunteered, someone will be able to make the time to be there for you.

● Burial or Cremation:
This correlates with the first item in the list. Plan ahead and know how you will honor your friend. Think about if you would like a burial site to go to in order to sit and think about the good times together. Cremation is another great option, because you can purchase an urn with your horse’s hair made into it. A shrine with the urn would be a fantastic way to cope with the loss of your horse and honor him/her as well.

These are just a few ways coping with the loss of your horse could be made easier. Having photo albums and any home movies of your horse readily available is a good option as well. Some are not able to look at pictures and remember loved ones that way. So, this option may not be the best idea for everyone. Simply remember to keep your horse in your thoughts; think about all the great times experienced together and you will be able to cope with the loss of your horse.