Creating a bucket list is always a good time. The thrill and freedom that comes along with thinking of all the amazing things to experience in the world and then writing it all down is such an uplifter. You may not always get to do saddle 419745 640everything on the list, but it is the simple fact you made a list with attainable goals which matters. A bucket list is a way to jot down experiences you would like to do.

A horse bucket list is pretty much the same thing but with your horse. Many people make their list with unrealistic expectations and know the items will never be checked off. That only makes a person feel worse about themselves. The idea is to write down options you have always wanted to do but with a sense of reality. Do not set the bar too high or too low. I will give you tips on how to start your list and give you some ideas that can be great for your horse bucket list.

How To Start Your List:

Starting a horse bucket list is very simple. Yes, it can be a scary thing because you have thoughts running through your head about never doing any of the things you wrote down. That is no fun. So, as mentioned, start thinking of things you would like to do with your horse that are not too expensive or time consuming. Unless you are a retired millionaire, a job will be waiting for you after the vacation and bills will need to be paid. Basically, keep it reasonable and you will be fine. If you do this simple list in about the same order listed, a horse bucket list you and your horse can experience with everything eventually being checked off will be made.

1. Think about things you have always wanted to do with your horse.
2. Grab a pen and pad, your laptop, or mobile device, get comfy with a drink and be ready to make your list. Do not put it off!
3. Start with the most achievable option FIRST.
4. Then work your way up the list, leaving the most difficult option for last.
5. Go and Do.

Since the simple steps of starting a horse bucket list are figured out, it is time to go over some ideas that you can make your own.

● Grand Canyon Horse Ride:
● Enter (and try to win) a Horse Show:
● Ride Every Major National Park in your part of the World:
● Buy a Farm you and your horse can enjoy together:
● Do all I can to help my horse have his 30th Birthday!

Those are five things most horse owners would love to experience on the back of their horse. Winning a horse show probably will not happen for everyone out there, but the main idea is to simple enter. If you win that is icing on the cake, but fun can definitely be had without a first place medal. Even if you do not use a single thing on the list I created that is perfectly fine. Not everyone has the same likes or dislikes. The idea is to get those creative juices flowing and make a list you can be proud of. A list you and your horse can experience together and have a great time with.

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