Handmade Wooden Knob Hunt Whip Stock

$145.00 each

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Every great hunter needs a great hunt whip stock by their side. Our hunt whip stocks are sure to stand out from the rest because of their unique knob. They were designed to be extremely durable, stylish and multi-functional all at the same time. The knob is perfect on the end for keeping your grip and even opening and closing gates. Every part of our whips are handmade, even the leather end or "keeper" which is made by local saddle masters. No two hunt whip stocks are the same and are each custom made.


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  • How long do orders take to create and ship? +

    We do our best to ship out our products as fast as possible! Orders are filled in the order they are received. For jewelry it may take up to 2 weeks until shipment after we receive your hair. For fly whisks or hunt whips it may take up to 3 weeks until shipment after we receive your hair. Please let us know if you have any questions or you need a rush on your order.
  • How much hair do I need for my custom product? +

    Bracelet: 12 inches, Necklace or Earrings: 4 inches, Fly Whisk: 32-34 inches. For more info please visit our Harvesting Horsehair page.
  • Where do I ship my horsehair? +

    Ship your hair to the following address: Ride On Designs 7107 Suncrest Drive Lynchburg, VA 24502
  • My horsehair is very special to me and I'm a little nervous about sending it in the mail. What can I do to ensure that it gets there safely? +

    We recommend shipping it out Priority Mail. This includes insurance, tracking and will get to us even faster. As soon as we receive your hair, you will get an email confirmation.
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